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Posted by admin on November 30, 2010
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One of the best ways of keeping warm is to get outside, wrapped up against the cold, and work in the garden. We can’t sow or plough and we certainly won’t be reaping much from the garden at this time of year but there are always other jobs to be done.

We have talked in the past about composting and the great range of compost makers that are available on click4garden; there are, however, other ways of dealing with your leaves. Leaves are a natural resource and can be turned into leafmould for your garden.

Find those old compost sacks that you put to one side and pack your old leaves into them. Put them in a nice safe place and forget about them until the summer. Put a note in your diary to check the bags as they will need to be kept moist – you can water the bags if necessary. The leaves need to be kept wet as they won’t break down if they are too dry. Open the bags up again in late autumn and hey presto you should have leafmould. If things haven’t gone according to plan and the leaves haven’t rotted down, never mind, just turn them out, mix them up, water them and put them back in for another couple of months.

Another way to keep warm and take exercise is to get a stiff brush and a patio cleaning product from your local DIY merchant and scrub scrub scrub. The patio will need a clean and you will prevent build up of algae which can be dangerous underfoot. Also consider cleaning your decking and any other timber footpath you might have for the same reason. Who needs to go to the gym?!

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