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How to build a Pergola

Posted by Click4Garden on March 09, 2012
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Pergolas can be used in the garden to create a passageway or to frame a seating area. Click4Garden offers a wide range of kits as well as individual pergola components to allow for the creation of your own personal vision.

Preparation of the area for installation of your pergola. Consider the location carefully before proceeding. Where will the sun be at the time of day you use it? What access is required? Determine the footprint required for the pergola proposed. Ensure the area is clear and mark out positions for the posts. Measure diagonally across the area to make sure it is square.

Posts are common to all pergola designs and how you install these will depend on the ground conditions. For soft ground you will have a choice of either installing the pergola posts directly into the ground using MetCrete post fixing concrete or use Metpost Pergola Spikes. For solid ground such as a patio or a concrete hardstand area, install your pergola posts using Metpost Pergola Bolt Downs fixed with Metpost Anchor Bolts. Whichever method is chosen, make regular checks with a spirit level, during the installation, to ensure that the posts remain vertical.

Assembly of your pergola. Site and install the pergola posts using the chosen method of fixing. Use a spirit level during the installation to ensure that the pergola posts are vertical. Drop the pergola rafters into the post cutouts. Ensure that they are horizontal and that there is an equal overhang at either end. Fix each pergola rafter into place with two screws driven through the posts at either end. Mark the centre position of the fixed rafters and fix a Metclip to each rafter. Mark the positions, equally spaced, where the remaining pergola rafters will be situated and fix Metclips at each position. Drop a rafter into the Metclips and adjust to ensure that the overhang at each side is the same. Fix the pergola rafter into position using screws or galvanised nails through the pre drilled holes in the Metclips.

Enjoy your pergola!

Log Edging for your garden

Posted by Click4Garden on March 09, 2012
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Log edging comes in various forms and is used to ‘finish’ and dress a section of garden. Fixed straight board log edging is used for long straight runs and flexible edging rolls suitable for curved areas. Both types come in a variety of forms.

Log roll, as the names suggests, is a flexible form of edging. It takes the form of half round or full round logs, held together with steel wire. Log roll is particularly suitable for curved boards or irregularly shaped garden areas, log roll is supplied in an easy-to-carry roll.

Log board is supplied in rigid shorter lengths and provides a straight edge where a long run is required. They can also be used for small retaining work. All our log boards have integral spikes which mean they can be driven directly into the ground.

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