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Gates & Gateways

Posted by Click4Garden on February 09, 2012
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Have you ever thought how much more a garden gate can be than a ….well…garden gate?! In a garden setting we use gates for so many different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A gate can be used as a portal – the way in or out of an area. A garden gate used for this purpose should be functional and practical. The gate should be easy to open and close and, if necessary, lockable. There are many garden gates on the market that would fit the bill; decorative metal garden gates, galvanised garden gates and timber/wooden gates. All these types of garden gates come in varying heights and widths. It is worth remarking that when purchasing your gate you need to consider the width of your gap as well as the size of the gate you require. Be aware – your garden gate may not come with any gate fixings; this aspect of gate purchase is worth checking. Gate fixings can be bought separately and there are a number of choices available to you depending on the ‘look’ you want to create. As a final check you should make sure the fixings you have chosen fit the gate style you have decided upon.

Apart from using gates as portals, they can be used as part of your garden design. Garden gates can entice you from one part of the garden to another, from one garden room to another. Gates draw your eye to them and make you wonder what is beyond. A secret garden?A vegetable garden?A walled garden?A greenhouse? Gates take you by the hand and lead you towards them. This is particularly the case if the gate is solid and you don’t know what is beyond. If you have chosen a decorative metal gate as part of your garden design your eye will be drawn through the gate to what lies beyond – perhaps the rolling fields or simply a different garden space from the one you are leaving.

Don’t think of a gate as simply a gate – think of it as a piece of garden furniture and take time to consider your options.

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