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Posted by admin on February 01, 2010
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It has been a long time since we wrote the blog but the freezing grips of this winter have not allowed for any gardening thoughts and even a little bit of garden tidying up here at the garden was out of the question. Our time was spent digging snow and gritting pathways. However, it did look beautiful during the freeze up. All the standing grasses held on to the frost and were stunning to look at, particularly when the sun shone. The cobwebs and seed heads swayed gently in the wind and it really was a frozen white wonderland.

Our big pond here at the offices froze solid and we were able to walk the whole way across – if we had had skates we could have skated and, what with the surrounding white countryside, it would have looked like one of those oldly worldy Christmas card scenes. The water comes into the pond off the fields and the water coming out of the pipe froze into an icy waterfall. The fish were fine – way down below the ice. However, the poor ducks suffered and although we feed them they decided to go to our neighbours. The neighbour’s pond is sheltered by trees and a small amount of it remained unfrozen. We are now trying to entice the ducks back but so far no success!

The lawn on the garden froze as well – it is a wet lawn at the best of times and now is completely saturated. We will have to drain it at some point but in the meantime everyone is forbidden from walking over it. However, that doesn’t prevent the birds and our garden seems to have become a haven for game birds. We regularly have pheasants and partridge on the walls and strutting around the garden after the hens. Our hens have started laying! Only yesterday we found two clutches of eggs; they are tiny white bantam eggs from our trio, plus one, of little brown bantams. They are completely free range and fly in and out of their house every night; we do live in fear that the fox will get them but they have very happy lives doing their own thing around the farm, the garden and offices.

Our snowdrops are out at the offices! We noticed them yesterday – they haven’t opened yet but there they are ….little white spears peeping out of the ground. has a new range of garden products, garden ideas, metpost, new garden arbours and raised flower beds. Now is the time to be considering garden edging. Surf the net and have a look. Good prices and all home delivered.

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